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All Deck Applications

All Deck is a liquid-applied system that cures out into a physically seamless, walkable waterproofing membrane. The first step of installing an All Deck system consists of a fiberglass mat embedded in laminating resin over the surface, creating a durable, waterproof layer. Next, a textured basecoat is installed, and the system is topped with finish resin. All Deck is available in a variety of colors (26 standard!) for aesthetic considerations. Applications can also be varied to produce a subtle tile-look. Custom colors are also available (for a slight additional charge). All Deck offers a limited, pro-rated 10-year material warranty.

Picture of a "Pattern" (tile-look) All Deck application

Above is a picture of a "pattern finish" (tile look) All Deck application

An important part of an All Deck application is meticulous preparation of the roof/deck substrate

Deck prep

A construction site; Actual Size=240 pixels wide

Click on the logo below to visit All Deck's Web site.
There you'll find a color chart, and more information about their fantastic products.

Construction tools; Actual Size=240 pixels wide

And here's the finished project: Another successful All Deck system (in a "pattern" finish.

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