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Duradek is an excellent PVC roofing system and walking surface. A sheet good available in numerous designs and colors, the Duradek is typically contact-adhered to the deck surface, with its seams (visibly) overlapped and heat-welded. The Duradek is fastened and flashed at the perimeters, creating a waterproofing barrier that you can walk on the same day of application. A five year manufacturer's warranty is generally offered on Duradek installations.

duradek balcony

Duradek is an excellent option for application on areas that need to be walked on immediately.

Another Duradek

Duradek's durability makes it a good choice for many projects.

A living room; Actual Size=240 pixels wide

Click on the logo above to visit Duradek's home page.
There, you'll find more information about their product and projects its been used on, as well as samples of available styles/colors.

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